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Elimination Poker Tournaments

This is the most common as well as the popular type of poker tournament. All players have the same amount of chips. The play goes on till one player has accumulated all the chips.

As players get eliminated, active players change seats on fewer tables ultimately leading to players competing on only one table. The winner accumulates all the chips.

However, there is still a payout structure that rewards other players. As the player finishes higher, he will get a bigger reward

Re buy Poker Tournaments

Here, players who lose all their chips are allowed to “re buy” more chips and continue to play the poker tournament.

The players tend to be more aggressive in the initial part of the tournament because they do not face the chance to be eliminated if they lose all their chips.

Re buy poker tournaments often lead to a larger total prize that is being played for the standard initial entry cost.

Shootout tournaments

As opposed to the elimination tournaments where the tables reduce with player elimination, here, each table will just play on to have a single winner. Eventually winners of each table will compete in another table later on.

Satellite Poker Tournaments

This kind of poker tournament is the preliminary or mini poker tournaments where ll the players will chip in the cost of the total entry fee.


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