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The poker tournament is based on the premise that someone has to win all the chips and the tournament does not stop until one does so.

In a tournament you can win a huge sum even with a small initial buy-in. The amount varies with every tournament and can range in the area of tens of thousands of dollars.

No player is eligible to win money unless he places in the top prize positions. Each tournament will list out what positions get paid and these vary with each types of poker tournament and the number of players.

All players commence with the same amount of chips which usually range between $1,000 and $1,500.

In poker tournament play unlike a normal game, the blinds keep changing. The blinds keep increasing to encourage action which helps to eliminate players until there is one left.

Tournaments have a buy-in and an entry fee. The buy-in is the tournament prize pool, and the entry fee is the “casino” or “host” fee. The average fee the host takes is usually 10% of the prize pool fee.

A tournament can be played on a single table or multiple tables simultaneously.

You will only play on one table at a time, but if there are more than ten players in the tournament they will play at the same time on other tables. You could even be moved randomly to another table as players start to lose

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