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Empire Poker is a part of the largest online poker network in the world. At peak hours there are more than 40,000 players in casinos. Empire poker is a skin to Party Poker but doesn’t share the multi-table tournaments with Party. The quality of the games is excellent with lots of extremely loose games.

Besides the many Texas Hold’em games Empire Poker offers great Seven Card Stud and Omaha, both high and high-low, everday of the week. Empire Poker also allows the use of a poker odds calculator.

The software graphics is decent and the playability is good. The flow is good considered there are so many players.

Like the other Party skins the lobby information keeps low standard, there’s no info on seen flop percentage nor a hands per hour feature. The positive side is that the loose players get protected.

The rake is less attractive than average on the low limits since the rake can sometimes be as high as 10%. Empire rake $0.5 on a $5 pot. At the higher limits, above $2-$4 the rake is standard with a 5% drop max 3$. Empire Poker has a loyalty program for the regulars where they can collect VIP-points that can be used to buy into free-rolls or purchasing merchandise.

Support can be contacted via email or live support. There have been some complaints regarding automated email responses and non-existing live-support.


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