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Poker has earned tremendous fame as a casino game, both offline and online and become one of the most widely played and popular games in the world.

Although it is believed that the advent of the Internet and the subsequent boom of the online gaming industry are to be credited for this rise in eminence, tournament poker has had a large part to play as well.

When TV networks realized that airing poker tournament attracted millions of viewers, tournaments started receiving immense media attention. Moreover, the prize pools since then have grown enormous and the most famous poker players have become superstars.

The benefit of poker tournaments is that you can become a celebrity from virtually nothing overnight. It is certainly not impossible to think that you can pay a small entry fee to a satellite tournament and go on to win the World Series of Poker Main Event.

In order to win big money by playing cash games you have to play with high stakes, for which you will need a sizable bankroll.

Ring games can be quite volatile and to avoid losing al that you have in one bad turn, you should only play with stakes your bankroll can handle.

However, with tournament play, this is different. Some of the onlineĀ poker tournaments attract thousands of players, and even if the participants only buy in for a couple of dollars, the prize pools can become huge.

Poker tournaments are best for people who wish to win big, but either do not have or do not wish to risk large amounts of money.

The bets bet are good freerolls, tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and other events with good value.


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